CheckUser is a special ability that can only be used by Staff, VSTF, and CheckUsers. It allows for them to check for duplicate accounts using IP addresses. These IP addresses are kept confidential, and can only be viewed by those with the rights. In addition to the privacy, there are certain requirements for a CheckUser to check another user for duplicate accounts. The following is a list of reasons a CheckUser run would be allowed.

  • If a user has told another user that he has duplicate accounts, then a CheckUser is acceptable to confirm it.
  • Any other case with enough evidence to warrant a CheckUser.

A detailed log is kept of the CheckUser runs that can be viewed by other CheckUsers. If a CheckUser abuses his rights, or uses them in a case that is not acceptable by our policy standards, then he will have his rights removed.

We Will Not Run CheckUsers For...Edit

  • Users requesting that it be run on themselves or someone else.
  • Suspicion of duplicate accounts without any evidence.


All IP addresses will be kept private. Only the administrators with the CheckUser rights will be permitted to see the IPs, and they are not allowed to share them with any other user, moderator, or administrator. Also, if we find duplicate accounts, these will only be shared privately with the administrators. They will not publicly be posted for the community to see.